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September 28, 2011

Join the Navy…

US: to help people (“America’s Navy – a global force for good”). [ahem. That’s why they need all those weapons?]

Russia: to shoot stuff [ahem. To the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack]

Japan: for love! And dancing.

India: to do stuff in formation [to Carmina Burana]

Philippines: for constancy AND change, stability AND excitement.



September 5, 2011

Life in Nelson’s Navy was a grim as you thought

…except, perhaps, if you happened to be NAM Rodger. Via The History Blog, evidence from disinterred skeletons tells us that RN recruits of the “Nelsonian” period suffered from scurvy, had peg legs and bad teeth, but were mostly not the urban poor. The last point seems highly interesting, but hard to draw conclusions from.

Link to Channel 4’s own press release.

the C4 TV program – viewable in England, but not alas France or the US.