dissertations of interest?

Danielle Bobker: The shape of intimacy: Private space and the British social imagination, 1650–1770 (diss, Rutgers, 2007)
deals with “closets” and carriages in England, development of these intimate spaces beside increasing public space.

Negotiating public landscapes: History, archaeology, and the material culture of colonial Chesapeake towns, 1680 to 1720 (diss, nothing more known right now)

On prisons – Published book: viviane saleh-hanna: Colonial Systems of Control, criminal justice in Nigeria

I’m searching for a good, memorable title. My wife wisely notes that such a title needn’t have a clear relationship to the topic at hand (“Spatial Analysis of VOC Ships” is probably not what I’m looking for). Right now I’m thinking “Worse than Turks,” but my hat’s off to Mark Driscoll for Absolute Erotic, Absolute Grotesque: The Living, Dead, and Undead in Japan’s Imperialism, 1895–1945. Really, once you’ve got eroticised undead in there, the form of your title doesn’t matter any more. Maybe I should go with Zombie Perverts of the VOC?

Slightly more seriously, Rediker’s Villains of All Nations is pretty good. Maybe I could use Scum of the Earth (J. P. Coen’s assessment of VOC sailors, though it stands rather in the shadow of Fanon) or Brigands and Gallows-birds (names thrown at some of my mutineers).


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