Vallejo Gallery

Has nothing to do with the renowned bodybuilder and chainmail bikini artist, but is rather a selling gallery of maritime art – including some surprising items like original Willem Van de Velde drawings and ivory models of Chinese “flower barges.” And this extraordinary picture of the 1696 Royal Yacht for William and Mary, with its bowsprit of a length that I didn’t think would become fashionable for about another 50 years.

Apparently the royal couple inherited 14 royal yachts when they came to the throne in 1688, but in February of 1693 it was decided to order a new principle yacht. The namesake WILLIAM & MARY Launched in Sept. 1694, a ketch-rigged beauty of 77 feet in length with a 22 foot beam. She mounted 8 3-pounders. With Mary’s passing at 32 just months later, William made numerous sailings back to his native Holland, until his passing in 1702. Their royal yacht would live on, repaired in 1737, 1746 and a major rebuild in 1765, enabling it to sail on until finally scrapped in 1801.

I was surprised at being affected by the bone ship models made by prisoners of war are. Boney was a warrior, I guess.

One day I must have a good look through their scrimshaw. But not today.


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