Alas, flickr: 1. Grain Elevators of the Ile de France

Without taking anything away from the awesomeness of Buffalo’s grain elevators, I find myself wondering exactly when in the history of modernist architecture these similar structures were erected on the banks of the Seine. Could Mendelssohn and Corbusier have saved themselves an America jaunt? Or were they vital to the exporting of the type from the Great Lakes area?

I see curious horizontal striations under the layer of smooth render, which leads me to wonder if these were, like the Buffalo structures, created in one continuous pour. They look almost like they could be…cinderblock.


2 Comments to “Alas, flickr: 1. Grain Elevators of the Ile de France”

  1. You might be interested in William J. Brown’s book on the subject: American Colossus: The Grain Elevator 1843-1943 (Colossal Books, 2009).

    • thank you! I will check that out – and I’ve communicated it to the rest of the group with which I visited Buffalo in November 2009.
      …alas, I didn’t know about the book back then: it would’ve been the perfect companion!

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