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July 19, 2010

David Byrne on Philip Johnson

Likhit just reminded me of my assertion that I do history, not art appreciation. I think I miss a lot that way. I think it might even be a blind spot of mine: an unwillingness to deal with the perspectives of individuals on their times.

Anyway, this is an interesting piece onĀ  American modernist architectural prime mover Philip Johnson by that inkyo* of high popular culture, David Byrne. I’ll have more to say about it when I have more leisure to do so.

* it’s possible that this is a made up term – I ran across it in GURPS Japan and googling it reveals nothing useful – but it’s such a handy one that I’m propagating it anyway. It means one who retires from the office of Emperor in order to become even more powerful and authoritative. As a sage, living the simple life in his garden, the inkyo stands as an unquestionable purveyor of advice. As a semi-mythical fount of wisdom he can overturn even the Emperor’s decisions, but as someone who has withdrawn from the dirty business of running the Empire and the ritual business of being Emperor, he’s fundamentally not accountable. So he embodies both the established political authority and the potential for revolution. Which is a pretty sweet seat to occupy, even if it is unpaid.

July 18, 2010

Delightfully odd infographics via gcaptain: Knock Nevis and mapping of sumarine cables AND gulf oil spill roundup

Supertanker Knock Nevis, later MV Mont, was the largest ship ever built. Here are dodgy infographics comparing it to the Petronas Tower.

The virtual world requires a lot of actual hardware. Submarine cables run your internet. Except when they get severed in freak unexplained occurrences, as happened a lot in 2008. Here‘s a map that shows just how important NY City continues to be on the world stage.

I’ll get to this when I have time: 50 visualisations of the gulf oil disaster.

July 2, 2010

the john hejduk archive

is here:
CCA has the whole thing: all his drawings (for “house of the suicide,” “house of the suicide’s mother” etc), models, articles. He’s one of the few name architects I’m really interested in.