gaza flotilla raises the question: where were you on the ship?

I’m interested in this because the question is exactly what my PhD dissertation is about: where were you when it happened? And what can that tell us about the space of the ship? (I have no axe to grind and no dog in the fight where Israel and Palestine are concerned. I realise I’m supposed to have a moral responsibility somehow about this, but I also don’t know if Sukarno or Suharto was right, or who to support in the current Thai civil war, or who’s right in the Congo, or Somalia. I refuse to be drawn into a position here if I can get away with not taking one there.)

Alas, the BBC World Service totally dropped the ball when their eyewitness Knesset-member interviewee wanted to adjust their rather obviously tilted framing. Here’s what I’ve found so far from trawling their site:

Eyewitness accounts cast doubt on Israeli narrative. Rerereporting of eyewitness accounts. I think this might be the broadcast I heard where the interviewee was interrupted.

CBC actually allowed their eyewitness to speak. Also reporting at the time on attack.

RT video.


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