Rorotoko: interviews with scholars about their books

Does what it says on the can. The list of authors is intriguing, too: for my own topics, Miles Ogborn on global lives (1550-1800), Nancy Um on the merchant houses of Mocha, and somewhat more distantly Ian Almond on the long history of Islam in Europe.

Of more general interest: Eric Ames on the 19th century primitives-and-animals exhibit (a sibling to the circus and the theme park), Peter Wilson on the 30 years war, Charlie Hailey on camps: from festival- to disaster relief- to man- (which might be an interesting meditation on the sociology of gathering and gesellschaft or might be vague waffling in roadside mud, I’ll have to read it to find out), what looks like a paranoid conspiracy theory rant by Jan Birksted on the occult significance of le Corbusier, and a challenge to a thesis of which I knew nothing: Thomas Bisson on the crisis (not renaissance) of 12th century Europe and the difficulties of running a small barony instead of a big kingdom. Curious.


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