Would-be sovereigns of the seas

Cruise ship The World offers ultimate retirement home.

Ocean University hopes to repeat the success of The Scholar Ship. Not to be confused with Ocean Univerity of China.

The Seasteading Institute doesn’t aim to travel anywhere, it just wants to get away from all the filthy tax-grubbing landlubbers.

MS Sovereign, formerly one of Royal Caribbean International’s cruise ships, shows what ventures like The World ultimately model themselves on. Oasis of the Seas, with 6296 passengers and a strangely recursively watery name, far exceeds it. The extent of Royal Caribbean’s fleet is staggering: The Oasis class is the world’s largest class of passenger ships, and RCI has 2. It took the title from RCI’s own Freedom class (3 members, and fourth being built, 3634 passengers). Then there’s Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 (which is a liner, something rather different. 3056 passengers), then 5 Voyager class vessels (3114 passengers), 4 Radiance class (2500 passengers), 6 Vision class (2074 passengers, 2 of the ships having on-board golf courses), 3 Sovereign class (including the Sovereign itself, which has officially been expelled from the class following its shift to Pullmantur, a Spanish subsidiary of RCI, 2700 passengers), and the Empress (1850 passengers), operated, like the Sovereign, by Pullmantur.

Including Pullmantur passengers, I count a total fleet capacity of 71,458 holidaymakers. Since (I am told) cruise ships generally carry at least one staff member per passenger, that means they should have at least that many staff at sea.

They have sold 5 more ships to other seaborne entertainment and tourism companies.


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