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February 23, 2010

What this blog is about

I write about the Dutch East India Company (VOC), its ships and the spaces thereon and about.

Right now I am completing a PhD at Cornell in History of Architecture. My recent public appearances include the College Art Association conference, 2010, in Chicago, various events at the Society for the Humanities and the American Association for Netherlandic Studies conference, 2008. My paper for this last one was just published in

Margriet Bruijn Lacy (Ed.) Dutch Studies in a Globalized World (Nodus, 2009)

so that’s the best place to find my work to date. I will shortly be appearing at NASOH, to talk about wrecks and mutinies as cautionary tales.

Apart from writing about 18th century shipboard space, I also follow history, archaeology and current events related to ships, architecture and the Indian Ocean.